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BSGS Scientific is a Malaysian based testing equipment manufacturer focused in materials and geotechnical testing. The company is technology driven and aims to bring the latest technologies and automation in its line of product to make testing easier, safer and with higher efficiency. This is in line with the call of new industry players that needs better testing equipment as the industry standard for the quality control requirement and risks control improves.

We offer our products to concrete and asphalt plants, precast manufacturers, construction companies, independent laboratories and universities as well as research institutes both in domestic and international market. All our products are backed with warranties and after sales support.

Apart from our standard product range, we also make special testing system and automatic control & measurement system for customers that involves hydraulic, mechanical and data logging of any capacities from small load to large load control and measurement.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the company has good access to logistics solution where delivering high quality products on-time can be maintained for customer satisfaction.

We are continuously making improvement in manufacturing processes, sourcing, delivery and customer support all centered with continuous Research & Development to churn out quality, technological products together with excellent after-sales support and service.

We envision to be a global manufacturer of reliable and innovative products with high technology and features that can that help our customers to realise high productivity and risk reduction.

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